Analysis: Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1

We have tried one of the most curious products that have arrived in our offices. And it is not a smartphone precisely. What you will find in this analysis is an electric bicycle, and folding, that I have released the Xiaomi guys. We tell you the opinion that the Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 has given us.

This is a clear example that the Chinese firm is able to market almost any type of product, since it does not only live on mobile or portable terminals as we have analyzed in Topes de Gama. The case, is that we have been lucky enough to try the Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1, and we already tell you that the sensations that you have left us are really good … very good.

For being able to move from one place to another with comfort and with the help of an electric motor and, as you do not participate in the Vuelta a España, this is not exactly a problem. The case is that the effort is significantly reduced, which is to be welcomed because at specific times you may have difficulties to “get” with a slope despite having twins to envy.

The Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 is foldable, which allows you to store it in places that are not very large, something that is ideal for those who do not have much space at home to place, for example, a mountain bike. This also helps if, for example, the train has to be used, since it reduces both the space it occupies that is carried with relative comfort in the hand. By the way, that the weight of this product is 14.5 kilos.
Made from an aluminum alloy, the Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 has proven to be tough in our tests. By the way, it is possible to get this bicycle in white or, failing that, in black. Aesthetically do not differ many lines of this product with the usual folding bikes, but there are some features that show that Xiaomi is behind its manufacture, such as the finishes of the front and rear lights.

The wheels of this bike are 16 inches, which are accompanied by a 12.5 cm aluminum rims. In what has to do with the engine included in the Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1, this is composed of twenty batteries of 1,900 mAh each one of them so there is a total amount close to 60,000 mAh. The recharge, in three hours has been filled 100%. The average autonomy is 45 kilometers, but it depends on what is required.

In terms of power, the battery is supplied with 250 watts (the legal maximum) and can reach 25 km / h and is limited. The transmission used in the Xiaomi QICYCLE EF1 des a Shimano Nexus 3 that allows to use at three speeds with instantaneous jumps. The front brake is V-Brake, while the rear of Shimano is roller type (with a maximum braking distance of four meters).

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