SPC Smartee Sport 3

Are you looking for a cheap sports smartwatch? Do you want a good smart watch to practice sports and that does not cost you too much money? The SPC Smartee Sport 3 is the best option to consider as you will see in our analysis.

We are talking about a device that costs less than 150 euros and that has surprised us with its finishes and functionality. This cheap sports smartwatch is compatible with any smartphone so you can link it and squeeze as much as possible.

We will start talking about the design of this sports watch that has a very lightweight smartwatch, weighs 62 grams, and has a rubber strap ideal for sports. This wearable is a bit bigger than what we are used to but it is quite comfortable during use.

Note that it has three buttons, special emphasis on one of them that is a cogwheel that will allow us to move through the interface of SPC Smartee Sport 3. In general, it has a design very similar to Huawei Watch Watch 2 so in this aspect we have nothing to criticize.

In the lower part we find the charging pins in addition to the heart rate sensor, as expected in a sports watch. Finally this cheap sports smartwatch has resistance to dust and water so you can use it in any environment without worrying about anything.

As for the technical characteristics of the SPC Smartee Sport 3, we are talking about a cheap sports smartwatch so we can not expect a very powerful hardware but, after having tried it, we can confirm that it will meet the needs of any user.

In this way, the new SPC watch has 64 megabytes of RAM and 128 ROM as well as a 350 mAh battery that has given us a range of up to 2 days of use. As you will have seen, we are not facing a wearable with a lot of power, its limited internal memory will not allow us to store hardly any music, but it is still an ideal complement to practice sports.

Why? Well, despite its low price this cheap sports watch has integrated GPS to monitor our sport without having to carry the phone, in addition to Bluetooth, altimeter, pedometer and microphone and speaker to answer calls.

One of the most important elements in a watch is its dial and in this case the screen of the SPC Smartee Sport 3 has a 1.3-inch IPS panel that reaches a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels that, without great boasts, fulfills well with its function.

One of the surprises of this cheap sports smartwatch comes with its OS. And is that the manufacturer moves away from Android Wear to bet on a proprietary system that works quite well. To start the watch has a rotating crown that will allow us to move through the interface of the device without having to touch the screen and preventing it from being marked by fingerprints.

Obviously we can use the sphere to move through the different options but the idea of ​​the circular crown has seemed very comfortable and effective. Highlight their customizable spheres so that we choose the one that we like the most.

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