These are some of the functions of Samsung’s smart speaker

Beyond knowing that it is in the development phase – although it is not known exactly in which -, what is certain is that Samsung’s smart speaker is a product that sooner or later will reach the market. Well, several of the functionalities that this accessory will offer have been known. We tell you.

The smart speaker from Samsung will come with the integrated Bixby assistant, so it is intended to stand up to other market models such as Google Home or Amazon’s Echo. But, to achieve this, the development of the Korean company has to increase compatible languages, since the two aforementioned models will soon be available in Spain because, precisely, they will offer or offer this option already.
The fact is that one of the details that will make the number of options that will be possible with the Samsung smart speaker is high is the following: it will integrate a touch screen. Thus, it makes much more sense that the internal name of this project is Lux. The case is that it has been indicated that with the device we are talking about it will be possible to make gestures in the panel to execute actions and, in addition, that preferred applications can be established (through the use of SmartThings development of the company itself).

With this accessory it will be possible to listen to music from a streaming platform, such as Spotify, to control different devices of the Korean company that are designed to be part of the range of Internet of Things (IoT). It will be necessary to check in this section the options of use with models of other companies. Besides, asking questions to get information, such as the time you will do in a specific place or access a news, will be other benefits that will be gained due to the use of Bixby.

In addition, you can combine the use of several similar devices, in order to create a network that allows localized and enveloping sound. And, here, comes one of the great innovations of Samsung’s smart speaker: this device, through WiFi connectivity, can establish the place of the house in which the user is. In this way, the corresponding loudspeaker will be used due to this location tracking (the accessory can even be turned on when entering through the house door if this is configured).

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