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Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro, Xiaomi’s new smart and economical lamp

A new device for the home comes from the hand of Xialmi, more specifically from one of its subsidiary companies. We refer to a new smart lamp that is called Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro, and that can be controlled remotely. We tell you what it offers.

This model, as usual in the Chinese company, comes with an excellent quality / price ratio, without leaving essential features aside. The case is that Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro is a product that is remotely controlled by an application and using the two connectivity options it offers: WiFi and Bluetooth (allows to connect with other Mijia devices, such as smart locks), so its compatibility in this section is practically 100%. By the way, this device can be controlled with the voice by using, for example, the intelligent speaker of the Asian firm that includes compatibility with AI – it also offers compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google assistant.
In what has to do with the power offered by Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro, this is about ninety watts (6,000 lumens), so it gives trouble-free service hanging on the ceiling of rooms up to 35 square meters. Therefore, it is a recommended model for salons if its rectangular design fits with what you need – its dimensions without 960 x 640 113 mm. By the way, this Xiaomi device includes what is necessary to be hung even on the wall and has a locking system so that mosquitoes do not thrive inside.) As all devices of this type offered by the Asian company, it is possible regulate the warmth of the light that is emitted. In the case of Yeelight LED Ceiling Light Pro, it goes from 27000 to 6500K, so it can be adjusted precisely to the needs of each moment. And, therefore, establish their own environments to read or enjoy meetings. These parameters can be established, as we have indicated, with an application installed on mobile devices.

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